DurantCom Supporters

Your fantastic website has become such an integral part of the AZ arts community, it’s almost impossible to remember what life was like before DurantCom. Your one stop website has revolutionized the theatre and film scene in AZ. We are all eternally thankful for your vision, ingenuity, and dedication to the arts in the valley!

Phillip Fazio

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all you do for the actors in Az!

Lawannah Curry

I love how I can find great paying gigs on this site. The information on the site is priceless.

Anna Sahlstrom

Your site is invaluable to me. Since moving to Phoenix, Durantcom has consistently been the best way for me to stay connected with the most people in the industry at any one time. Thank you for being here and for providing this free service to the community

Eric Schoen

Happy 10th Anniversary! Durantcom has kept me in the film and theatre “loop” over the years, and has provided valuable audition and contact information. It has also been helpful in keeping me posted on what my colleagues are doing; I also love the quotes at the bottom of the audition notices…some wonderful food for thought. Thank you, thank you, Laura! Your talents and effort are MUCH appreciated.

Shana Bousard

Laura, your site is beautiful, easy to use, and an amazingly productive tool! I wanted to personally thank you for all you do for our theatre community here in The Valley. From your quick work with pictures of our events, to your always helpful notifications and beautiful headshots, you’re a class act all the way. We’re ALL lucky to have Laura Durant working for us!!

Kelly Crews

I LOVE the new Website. My favorite part is the ability to filter the notices to include only the type of auditions that interest me. Plus I like the icons that give me a quick visual summary of each audition. Love it! Love it!

Rolando Zee

Thank you for everything you do for us! Your site is convenient and comprehensive. Its a godsend to the theatre community in Arizona.

Richard Hardt

After we advertised with Durant, The Homestead Playhouse went from 10 kids auditioning to 150! It is because of you, Laura and your magnificent website that we have been able to garner such talented kids from all over!

Chanel Branham

Thank you!!! I was just cast in Axis Allied Productions new commercial! It’s all thanks to your site, Laura! Keep up the amazing work!

Ellyn Heald