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For student films use school as Production Company
This should be an overview of the story ONLY. Try to keep it under a 100 words. We reserve the right to edit.

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Casting Details

Note: Open calls will require a venue for auditions to listed
Keep this brief! If you have a great deal of breakdown info please consider posting it on your company site and refer actors there for details! We reserve the right to edit! ONLY PUT CHARACTER INFO HERE. Use Additional Info below for other details.
Are you accepting Headshot & Resume as email attachments ONLY? Many producers prefer to have head shot/resume sent as an attachment to their mailbox rather than being sent link to view photos on another website.
Should the actor prepare for cold reads from the script? A rehearsed monologue or song, dress for movement, etc.
Are you also looking to fill crew/design positions?

Appointment Details

Enter the URL if you are using an online appoinment or booking service
Please list all of the dates and times for the auditions, on per line, in the format shown. Leave blank if TBD.
Please list all of the dates and times for the auditions, on per line, in the format shown. Leave blank if TBD.
Is there a venue for auditons.
Name of the building, office, or theater where the audition is taking place. PLEASE NOTE IF IT IS A PRIVATE RESIDENCE.
A good practice is to test your address in Google Maps first
Use this if only if the venue is difficult to find (such as on a college campus or industrial park) and there are specific directions or landmarks that will help people find the location.
Other details about your company, participation fees, etc. We reserve the right to edit!

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Please Read – this is not the usual yadda yadda…


  • Casting calls accepted for this page are for Arizona productions ONLY
  • Casting calls go live AND are distributed to subscribers—once a week—on MONDAY.
  • If your notice cannot wait until the next distribution, contact DurantCom about a special Midweek BULLETIN  (fees apply)
  • Notices are distributed one time in the first email newsletter that follows the date of submission. They will remain on the website until the casting call expires.
  • To guarantee the best turnout possible, submit your notice at least 2 or 3 weeks before the audition.
  • Notices without a specific audition date will be posted for a maximum of two (2) weeks.

Information Provided

  • Use each space only as labeled
  • Fill out as much of the form as possible
  • Keep info BRIEF and to the point.
    If your breakdown has a lengthy list of characters, please condense it as much as possible or refer actors to your website for details. DurantCom reserves the right to edit for length.
  • DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in your descriptions
  • CHECK your facts and spelling before submitting!  DurantCom is not responsible for typos. It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of all dates and contact info.
  • To help people find your location PLEASE use the verified address provided by Google Maps during posting

If you’re relatively new to the actor community, use the Additional Info box to introduce yourself and your company. However this box is not to be used for extensive promotional or fundraising purposes. Please refer actors to your website if they need additional details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If, as a condition of casting, there is a participation, membership or materials fee required, or if performers are required to donate funds or sell tickets as a condition of casting, the submitting company will be required in turn to pay a distribution fee. Contact DurantCom for details