The Hysteria Project – Eunoia Pictures

Production Details

Production Title: The Hysteria Project
Production Company: Eunoia Pictures

Director: Hayden Eschliman

Compensation: No Pay

Run/Shoot Dates: 06/01/2017 – 08/01/2017

Four students volunteer at a research institution to take a drug that would enhanced their ability to process information. The drug give them extraordinary abilities like mind-reading and flawless memory. They begin to use this to their advantage to prevent a girl from commiting suicide and a boy from bombing their school.

Student Film/Video: Short Film
Nudity: No
Participation Fees: No
Crew Needed: Yes


Character Breakdown

Dante, a quiet and relaxed philosophy major. Sometimes neurotic.
Ayako, a precise and intuitive analyzer with a business major.
Vincent, a friendly and warm personality who loves parties and skipping school. Music major.
Nick, a daring realist that likes to get competitive with just about anything. Works at a skate shop.

What To Prepare

Prepare for rehearsed dialogue, a script will be semt a few days prior to auditions.

Call For Crew

Cinematographer, Sound, Lighting, and Grip


Audition Details

The Bold Roost Espresso Bar & Cafe
1489 S Higley Rd Suite 103
Gilbert, Arizona 85298

Headshots/Resume Optional
By Appointment: Phone or Email

Appointment Contact
(480) 268-1680

Audition Dates and Times:
Callback Dates and Times:

Primary Contact:
Hayden Eschliman
(480) 268-1680


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