B3 Theater

Playwright or Screenwriter: Paco Jose Madden
Director: Ilana Lydia
Compensation: No Pay
Rehearsals Begin: April 12, 2021
Run/Shoot: May 21, 2021 – May 30, 2021
Ages: Adult
Nudity? No
Fees? No

Show Synopsis

"Herlandia" is an adaptation of Charlotte Perkin Gilman's 1915 novel, "Herland," which is about a group of male explorers who stumble upon a feminist utopia composed entirely of women. Vanessa Jennings (disguised as a man) joins her brother and his much more "manly" companion on the expedition.

When the "male" explorers discover this world of women, will their impulse to conquer and rule be held in check? And will Vanessa be able to keep up the facade of being a man when the world of men and the world of women collide? This unique spin on Gilman's feminist treatise brings to life her ideals and encounters with patriarchal oppression into the 21st century.

Character Breakdown

VANESSA, white woman, late teens – late twenties (Vanessa is also Jeff)
VANDYCK, white man, slightly older brother of Vanessa
TERRY, white man, friend of Vandyck. He’s the “manliest” of Vandyck and himself.
WOMAN #1/ELLADOR, woman of Herlandia, similar in age to the explorers, strong preference for a person of color
WOMAN #2/CELLIS, woman of Herlandia, similar in age to the explorers, strong preference for a person of color
WOMAN #3/ALIMA, woman of Herlandia, similar in age to the explorers, Alima is the most “feminine” by our society’s standards, strong preference for a person of color
PLAIN WOMAN/GREAT MOTHER, woman of Herlandia, middle to old age, very strong preference for a person of color, particularly a black woman.
As mentioned above, the preference in casting for the women of Herlandia are women of color. Some could also be noncis/non-binary conforming women, disabled, or have other markers of identity that do not conform to the feminine ideal of our society.

What To Prepare

Auditions will consist of conversation and cold readings from the script. These will be mailed to you after you have filled out the audition form and signed up for a time.

Additional Info

B3 Theater concentrates on new and underperformed works. We believe it is the journey which makes a project worth doing.

Headshot & Resume Optional

Send as Email Attachment

Auditions By Appointment

Audition Contact

Ilana Lydia

Audition Dates/Times

April 10

April 11

Callback Dates/Times

April 11

Call For Crew

We are looking for designers in the following areas: costume, hair/makeup/mask, lighting, props, and set. Requests to ASM or AD would also be considered.

Disclaimer: Please use common sense and discretion when responding to any casting call or workshop listing.