Fur Elise
Kenneth LaFave (individual)

Playwright or Screenwriter: Kenneth LaFave
Director: Kenneth LaFave
Compensation: Pay
Rehearsals Begin: TBD
Run/Shoot: TBD
Ages: Adult & Child
Nudity? No
Fees? No

Show Synopsis

In 1810, the composer Beethoven numbers among his students a young woman, Therese Malfatti, and a child prodigy, 13-year-old Elise Barensfeld. He falls in love with Therese and asks for her hand in marriage. She declines, but is jealous of Elise, to whom Beethoven has dedicated a new piece, called "Fur Elise." She conspires with her friend, Johann Maezel (inventor of the metronome) to steal the manuscript. She alters the dedication to read "Fur Therese." Upon her death the manuscript is found and published. But her attempt to change the dedication clouds the origin of this most famous piano piece.


Character Breakdown

BEETHOVEN – Late 30s-to mid-40s. Short, furrow-browed and irascible. A genius with a soft spot for ladies.

THERESE – Mid-20s to early 30s. Beautiful, aristocratic, vain, modestly talented.

ELISE – 13, but would prefer a young adult actor who can pass for young teen. Spunky, bright, good-hearted.

MAELZEL – 40s or 50s. Gregarious, nosy, friendly on the outside, but devious.




What To Prepare

Pages of the script will be provided in advance of audition.

Headshot & Resume Required

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Auditions By Appointment

Audition Contact

Kenneth LaFave

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