Scottsdale Community College

Playwright or Screenwriter: Patrick Roddy
Director: Toby Canto
Compensation: Non-Union Only ($150 to $250/dy)
Rehearsals Begin: TBD
Run/Shoot: May 3, 2023 – May 7, 2023
Film/Video: Short Film
Student Film
Ages: Adult & Child
Nudity? No
Fees? No

Show Synopsis

An overworked woman takes a sleeping pill, but it's not the escape she was looking for as she drifts between eerie dreams and nightmarish realities.

Character Breakdown

– DONNA (25-30yr old). Female lead. An overworked, exhausted young woman confined to the impossible expectations placed upon her controlling boss. Experiences drug-induced nightmares. (Needed 2/4 Shooting days)

– MYSTERY MAN – (Age Unknown)  A slender man-esque character in a black suit, but his face is never visible. His presence haunts the characters throughout the film. (Needed 4/4 Shooting days)

– WOMEN (TV JUNKIE) (LATE 60s), (SUPPORTING ROLE) | – An isolated yet enthusiastic television viewer who gets a frightening surprise visitor on her tv feed and in real life. (Needed 2/4 Shooting days)

– BOSS/FATHER (30s) (MALE SUPPORTING ROLE) – He cares little about the personal lives of those below him. Personal gain is his only consideration. He has an obsession with controlling everyone around him. (Needed 1/4 Shooting days)

– LITTLE GIRL – (7-13) (SUPPORTING ROLE) – bubbly and curious resident of the the motel that is drawn to the mysteriousness of the OLD MAN. (Needed 2/4 Shooting days) (Half Days)

– YOUNG MAN (20s) (Punk Kid) – Uncanny and suspicious, encounters the OLD MAN on the bus stop and falls victim to his need for blood. (Needed 1/4 Shooting days)

– SLEEPER – (30s-40s) A man, He’s gruff, dirty, careless, and deprived. (Needed 1/4 Shooting days)

– OLD MAN – (40+) meek and fragile, his vampiric youth is fading drastically, and he must find his next source of blood. (Needed 2/4 Shooting days)

What To Prepare

We will provide "sides" prior to scheduled auditions.

Additional Info

This is Scottsdale's major capstone production this semester.

Headshot & Resume Required

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Auditions By Appointment

Audition Contact

Tanner Roff

Audition Dates/Times


Callback Dates/Times


Disclaimer: Please use common sense and discretion when responding to any casting call or workshop listing.