"Black Souls!" – Produced by: Anthony Knight & Tank Jones
Anthony Knight & Tank Jones

Director: Anthony Knight
Music Director: Jason Allen
Compensation: Pay (Deferred Pay - Pay range for some roles based on size of role From $50-$100 flat)
Rehearsals Begin: May 6, 2017
Run/Shoot: May 20, 2017 – May 23, 2017
Film/Video: Short Film
Ages: Adult & Child
Nudity? No
Fees? No

Show Synopsis

Three Fraternity brother's, a computer geek, and former love interest, will soon learn a hard lesson if they're lucky enough to survive the Pandora's Box, they unknowingly Opened up!

Character Breakdown

ANGELIA, A beautiful Asian woman, 5’3″ tall, 112Lbs, light or dark brown eye’s, long hair, age’s 25 – 35, she’s is Jason’s former love interest!

POLICE OFFICER, any ethnicity, caucasian, age’s 35 – 45, 5″10″ tall,athletic body, hazel or dark brown eye’s, likeableauthoritative demeanor!

OLD WOMAN, 65 – 75 yrs old, 5’2″ tall, 110 – 120Lbs, brown eye’s dirty blonde gray hair, with a very fiery attitude!

PSYCHIC GYPSY, dark haired woman, hazel brown eye’s, 60 yrs old, 5’4″ tall, small BBW, she’s been in the hustle and con game for most of her life, makes her victims believe anything!

DONALD, the old woman’s 30 yr old son, he left his high profile job to care for his aging mother, 6’0″ tall, slender build, 175Lbs, dark hair, blue eye’s, a very quite guy, with a walk softly carry a big stick mentality!

ED NEIL, The bar manager, 5’10” tall, kind of HUSKY build, dark brown eye’s, he is known as the manager with an itchy trigger finger, 45 – 50 yrs old!

JASON CARRMICHAEL, the nice guy, he lost his one true love to a real douche bag, 24 – 27 yrs old, sandy blond hair, 5’11” tall, blue or hazel eye’s, 165 – 179Lbs, a major book worm computer geek!

EVAN, Jason’s best friend, believe’s life is one big joke,6’2″ tall, medium dark brown hair, hazel eye’s, 190 – 200Lbs, built well, works out!

OLD WOMAN #1, She’s 65 yrs old, 5’4″ tall, 120Lbs, grayish brown hair, very likable person, sweet old lady!

MARK PETRAILO, A major jerk who thinks he can take what ever he want even if it doesn’t belong to him, doesn’t care who he hurts in the process, 5’9″ tall, dark brown eye’s, very short dark brown hair, 190 – 205Lbs, he is the KING of Ass-hole’s, a major dictator.

YOUNG TIMOTHY, 13 – 16 yrs old, dark brown or black hair, 4’11” – 5′ 2″ tall, dark brown eye’s, 100Lbs, he goes to the park to escape his reality, say’s very little to anyone, except the old woman #1!

(Day player)
STORE CLERK, male or female, medium brown hair, light eye’s, 5’6″tall, HWP, a bit of a noisy buddy, 18 – 25 yrs old!

JESSICA & AMANDA, two twenty something beautiful tan blondes, with great Assets, HWP, 36″ 24″ 35″ , 5’6″ tall, great eye’s, bubbly personalities with a very naughty side!

TIMOTHY, laying in bed when the woman puts her hand over his mouth, he’s 23 or 26 yrs old now!

What To Prepare

Will email you the sides

Additional Info

Anthony Knight is a former Graduate of The Hollywood Film Institute, he is a qualified and confident director, producer, and writer, who has had the opportunity of meeting and working some of the industries finest Actor's and producer's as well as director's, he was taught acting by the Late great Adam Roarke, who helped bring Lou Diamond Phillips to stardom whom regardless of the situation taught him to never give up, because if you do you've missed it! Mr. Knight is working diligently to bring back the I'm gonna keep my but in the seat because I don't want to miss it, Popcorn and soft drinks are great for the Cinema Theater business, but most usually is the kiss of death for an acting career!

Headshot & Resume Required

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Auditions By Appointment

Audition Contact

Anthony Knight
(623) 522-0685

Audition Dates/Times


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Disclaimer: Please use common sense and discretion when responding to any casting call or workshop listing.

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