Magical Mujer Productions

Playwright or Screenwriter: Nick Janaye
Director: Nick Janaye
Compensation: No Pay
Rehearsals Begin: TBD
Run/Shoot: TBD
Film/Video: Short Film
Ages: Adult
Nudity? No
Fees? No

Show Synopsis

A short horror film. Our story follows Logan, a timid 20-something who discovers their girlfriend has been replaced by something inhuman following her seemingly successful heart surgery. With their girlfriend’s newfound violent tendencies taking a toll on the relationship, they risk becoming a bystander to her heartless actions.

Character Breakdown

    • Any ethnicity
    • Trapped in an uncomfortable reality and seemingly too unassertive to do anything about it. Most of Logan’s happiness is sourced from the love and approval of their significant other because without Maggie they’d have nowhere else to go… Fearful, and Wants to preserve their only stability at all costs.
    • Must be comfortable performing under they/them and she/her pronouns
    • Intimacy required (kissing)
    • Any ethnicity
    • Logan’s once affirming girlfriend. as far as she’s concerned, she’s finally got her life together after a much needed heart surgery: Loving her newfound health to a violently insatiable degree… She’s since become happily aloof and conceited. The only thing that could ruin it is the disapproval of her partner. 
    • Must be comfortable performing under she/her pronouns
    • Stage combat training preferred, but not required
    • Intimacy required (kissing)
    • Any ethnicity
    • Doing everything she can to make ends meet. Even if it means “making the mistake” of walking home alone one night after a long shift…
    • Must be comfortable performing under she/her pronouns
    • Stage combat training preferred, but not required 
  • NEWSCASTER (30s to 50s) (SHE/ HER)


What To Prepare

1.) Actors must fill out this google form ( and reserve a time slot for an audition.
2.) Once the form is submitted you will receive a follow up email asking for any headshots, resumes, etc. to be sent to before the audition. You will also be sent the script sides and a link to the zoom meeting for Jan. 15th in this same email.
3.) During auditions actors will read the sides provided before the audition.

Additional Info

Planned shoot dates for this project are Feb. 5th-6th 2022 & Feb. 12th-13th 2022.

Headshot & Resume Required

Send as Email Attachment

Auditions By Appointment

Audition Contact

Iliana Molinar

Audition Dates/Times

4pm to 8pm

Callback Dates/Times

Jan. 17th

Disclaimer: Please use common sense and discretion when responding to any casting call or workshop listing.